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32 Ways To Add Instant Curb Appeal To Your Home Without Breaking A Sweat

You can never have too many cheap and effective ways to enhance curb appeal. Need to sell that house in a hurry? This is the first step in fast tracking your way to handing over the keys to the next owner.

1. Check out this app which helps you choose a color for your door. There are a number of cool apps assisting you with planning your home. Find some here.

Curb Appeal Idea 1


2. Need some help painting that door? Here’s a DIY on doing the best job you can.

Curb Appeal Idea 2

Via Love Pomegranate House

3. You can often skip the painting of your door by simply giving it a good cleaning.

Curb Appeal Idea 3
Via Tidy Mom

4. Add some style with spray paint. Here are some other great ways to work with spray paint around the home.

Curb Appeal Idea 4
Via Thrifty Decor Chick

5. Give your house numbers a facelift with some fresh decals. Here are some examples from DWR and Home by Ally.

Via and Home by Ally

6. Let this DIY guide you in painting and molding your door trim into epicness.

Via Me and Jilly

7. You can’t go wrong with a stylish door knocker.

Via Marcus Design Inc

8. Illuminate your porch with updated lighting. Here are instructions for easily replacing that fixture.


9. Or do a simple $1 lighting makeover by replacing your bulb style.

Via Style with Cents

10. Concrete entryways are fairly “blah.” Add some tile for style.

(Alright, you might break a sweat with this one)

Via Decor and the Dog

11. Make it even easier by working with concrete stain.

Via Beneath my Heart

12. Nothing livens up your porch quite like cleverly placed plants.

Via Pinterest

13. Make some awesome DIY plant hangers to plant your porch a little more creatively.


Via A Beautiful Mess

14. Are your planters boring? Glue two together to add some presence.

Via Brady Bunch Remodel

15. You can green an entire wall by making this vertical planter.


16. You can even do container gardens.

Via Home Heart and Hands and Pinterest

17. How do you choose the plants for the job? This plantcombining chart can give you some clarity.

Via The Barn Nursery & Landscape Co.

18. White garage doors are about as boring as as it gets. Add some rustic depth with some wood colored staining.

But don’t go overboard like these homeowners.

Via Home Talk

19. Or you could just spruce it up with some carriage appeal.

Via Garden of Love

20. Build a pergola and add some climbing vines to engulf your home in greenery.

Via Laurries

21. Easily upgrade your stairs for cheap by painting faux stair runners.

Via The 2 Seasons

22. You can upgrade your mailbox with a prepackaged makeover kit. If you want to get a little fancier, here are some ideas. If that doesn’t catch enough attention for your taste, try some of these crazy mailbox ideas.

Via Beneath My Heart

23. DIY your old welcome mat into something awesome!

Via Smart Schoolhouse

24. You can personalize your mats a number of ways. This method is for natural mats.

Via The Sits Girls

25. You can add some DIY faux shutters. It’s like mascara for your windows.

Via House Logic

26. Repair those ratty screens, Martha Stewart style.

Via Martha Stewart

27. Pressure washing does wonders. Need I say more?

Via CraftPro Contracting

28. Clean up your sidewalks and flower beds with thisDIY weed killer.

Via One Good Thing by Jillee

29. Don’t know how to DIY your own flower bed? Here’s an easy to follow tutorial.

Via Funky Junk Interiors

30. Once you get the hang of it, you can make something more crafty, like this.

Via Love’s Photo Album

31. Build a flower bed border to protect from the mowers. See how here.

Via Garden World

32. Swings are always a plus. DIY your own with Shanty-2-Chic.

Via Shanty-2-Chic



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