Why Use a Real Estate Agent to Buy?

Why Use a Real Estate Agent to Buy?

Throughout your home buying experience, your real estate agent is your first point of contact. Your agent is your professional guide throughout the process, giving you the latest market information and educating you about your options.

What many Greater Atlanta home buyers don’t realize, is that most real estate agents represent the home seller, by the very nature of their real estate license. There is a significant difference between an agent who merely “helps home buyers” and a true Buyer’s Agent.

A Buyer’s agent is a licensed real estate professional who represents the home buyer and works in the buyer’s best interests. This includes:

  • Providing market comparisons and home price guidance
  • Protecting the buyer’s best interests during negotiations
  • Providing advice about contingencies and contractual matters

An agent who does not represent you as a buyer’s agent cannot provide specific pricing guidance, or give you any information that would offer you an advantage. At best, most real estate agents, unless otherwise disclosed, are simply transaction facilitators.  A Buyer’s Agent offers you dedicated representation.

Julia Brantley is a Buyer’s Agent who provides complete counseling and guidance throughout the home buying process. Here’s how Julia can help you:

Professional Atlanta real estate services tailored to your needs

As a buyer, your needs and home ownership goals are unique. Julia listens to you, and provides expert guidance in all market conditions.

Atlanta Market real estate insights and experience

Julia provides current market information and sales trends to help you make the best possible decisions.

Professional networking in Atlanta

Julia has many resources and contacts in Atlanta to help you, whether you are relocating from across the country, or moving across town.

Expert real estate negotiator

Julia is a tenacious negotiator who relentlessly protects your interests. She will not only help you find the ideal home, she will help you obtain the best possible price and terms!

Transaction management

Real estate transactions are extremely detailed. Julia has the sophisticated contractual knowledge to ensure that your purchase documentation is correct and handled with care. Julia follows up with all parties to ensure that your closing happens on schedule.


Julia is a professional problem-solver who works on your behalf when something doesn’t go as planned. No matter the situation, Julia will proactively take measures to resolve the issue, and follow-up with affected parties.

For expert guidance, contact Julia today!

Julia is happy to talk to you about your specific home buying needs in the Greater Atlanta area! Real estate markets can vary between different communities like Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek and others.  Let an experienced professional help you understand why there are differences in home value between these markets!

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